Wednesday, November 30, 2011

YALLFest Read-Alikes

Y'all Loved YALLFest!

Judging by the crowds and lines of book-wielding fans, YALLFest was a huge success. Now that you've met the authors you love, try these read-alikes -- and don't forget to click on the titles to reserve them!

If you like this YALLFest book:                                                                                                  Then try:

Every You, Every Me
By David Levithan

Evan is haunted by the loss of his best friend, so when mysterious photos appear, he begins to fall apart.

As Simple As Snow
By Gregory Galloway

The narrator is left with unanswered questions after goth girl Anastasia disappears.

By Ellen Hopkins

When a boy introduces Kristina to drugs, she struggles to control her life and her mind.

Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines
By Nic Shelf

The author reveals the depths of drug addiction and the violent relapse that changed his life.

Beautiful Creatures
By Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

Ethan is drawn to Lena, a new classmate with whom he shares a psychic connection -- and whose family hides a dark secret.

Darkness Becomes Her
By Kelly Keaton

In post-apocalyptic New Orleans, Ari searches for the truth about her monstrous heritage.


Calla and Ren know it's their destiny to mate and rule their werewolf pack -- until Calla falls for a human boy.  

Bryn’s been raised as a human among werewolves, adhering to pack rule until she finds a newly turned Were locked in a cage.

Teens from New York's wealthiest families learn a startling secret about their bloodlines.

Secret Society

Three Manhattan teens are initiated into an age-old Secret Society that offers them fulfillment of their wildest dreams.

Mary wonders what lies beyond her walled village and the surrounding forest with its flesh-eating Unconsecrated.

In 2032, after a deadly virus has wiped out most people, Eve sets off on a treacherous journey into the wilds of The New America.

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
By Heather Brewer

Vlad hides that he's half vampire until a sinister substitute teacher shows there's more to his story.

Reformed Vampire Support Group
By Catherine Jinks

Nina's support group for vampires is super boring -- until a member is murdered.

By Beth Revis

Amy, a cryogenically frozen passenger on the spaceship Godspeed, wakes up to discover someone might have tried to murder her.


In a future Chicago, Beatrice must choose among five factions to define her lifelong identity.

The children of Near start to disappear from their beds after a mysterious boy arrives.

Cas Lowood kills trouble-making ghosts. But everything changes when he meets Anna, a ghost unlike any he's faced before.

After Astrid survives a vicious unicorn attack, she learns she descends from the most famous unicorn hunter of all time.


Tori, a senator's daughter, learns she descends from medieval dragon slayers.

After Jennie's fiancé is killed in the Civil War, she befriends a spirit photographer to talk to the dead.

When Rebecca moves to New Orleans, she makes a ghostly friend who shows her the city's nooks and crannies.

Nick has long battled demons. But now, he must defend his brother who is marked for death.

A demon threatens Riley and murders her father, a legendary demon trapper in whose steps she wants to follow.

R is a zombie who craves more than blood and brains -- and winds up falling in love with a human. 

Teen werewolf Kalix is pursued through the streets of London by hunters armed with silver bullets in this wickedly funny book.

After enrolling in a private school, senior Beatrice befriends a quiet loner with a troubled family history.

When her best friend, whom she secretly loves, betrays her and mysteriously dies, Vera harbors secrets that could clear his name.

Mara's best friends died in an accident, yet she survives unscathed. Mara remembers none of it as she descends into psychosis.


Shy Helen has vivid dreams about three ancient, hideous women and finds herself reliving Greek myths.

Alexandria Lee moves in with her wealthy grandma and must join a debutante society with ties to a legendary hoodoo family.

When Sophie attracts too much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, she is exiled to Hex Hall.

Violet uses her ability to sense murderers and their victims to stop a serial killer who is terrorizing her town.

Kendall suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and must solve the disappearance of two teens.

Iris uncovers family secrets when she conjures up the ghost of a boy missing for decades.

Charlotte, whose parents host a ghost-hunting reality show, is being stalked by frightening spirits.

Strange things have long surrounded teenage Bran, who's linked to a curse created by his murdered mother.

A World Without Heroes

Jason winds up in a strange world called Lyrian where he must piece together the Word that can destroy the evil Emperor Surroth.

Two misfits try to solve the mystery of a dead magician and stop the evil Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais.

Ethan Cheeseman and his kids are building a time machine. But spies and government agents are about to find them.

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