Friday, July 12, 2013

You Review: Sam Reviews Who Done It by Jon Scieszka

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Thanks to Sam L. for her review!

Who Done It, Edited by Jon Scieszka

               Who Done It? by Jon Scieszka is a collection of fictional alibis for the murder of an editor written by a number of authors. The alibis provide a picture of a horrible editor that in some way abused all of his writers. The assorted alibis create an interesting storyline that will elicit laughs throughout the entire book. Having stories by so many authors, the reader is given an insight into the chaotic minds of writers; a scary, but highly entertaining place. The only low points, in my opinion, would be that the stories had become a bit repetitive by the end, and the ending was slightly disappointing. I won’t give it away, though; you’ll have to read it to find out “who done it?”

--Sam L.

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