Monday, January 31, 2011

Think You Know Who Your Friends Are?

By Michele Jaffe


When Jane Freeman moves to a new school, she undergoes a personal redo. Now, she's pretty and popular -- and determined to keep it that way. Until a hit-and-run driver tries to kill her, leaving her near death, paralyzed, in a rosebush, its million thorns piercing her body.

Tons of people send cards and gifts to Jane's hospital room. Her best friends and her boyfriend visit. But this chilling novel drags you onto a rollercoaster of whodunit because one of them wants Jane dead.

Michele Jaffe, author of the Bad Kitty series, weaves a thrilling mystery as Jane slowly recovers memories of that night. A party. A fight. A kiss. A drink. The car.

Move over, Alison. If Pretty Little Liars creeps you out, just wait until you find out who's trying to kill Jane.

PS: Remember to click on any title to reserve a copy at your Charleston County Public Library branch.

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