Friday, January 28, 2011

If You Miss Katniss...


If you loved The Hunger Games or the Uglies or The Giver, let's surf the post-vampire wave into the next Big Thing in teen books: Societies gone amuck.

First, check out Matched, a new book by Ally Condie. In it, Cassia's world is governed by the Society, which matches girls and boys to marry when they turn 17 -- you know, to take all that complicated stuff out of dating. Cassia is lucky to be matched with a cute guy she grew up with, Xander. It's sort of like if Katniss had been matched with Gale. Of course, a happy match could make for a boring book, so Cassia also gets a glimpse of another boy she was almost matched with. Ky is a quiet orphan who tugs at Cassia's heart. Should she stick with her lucky Match or follow the pull of her heartstrings? Hmmmm. Team Xander or Team Ky?

Also, mark your February calendars for another new dystopiaDelirium by Lauren Oliver (who wrote Before I Fall). In Delirium, there's a cure for the "disease" of love. But love can't really be cured -- can it?

While those calendars are out, go ahead and circle March 23, 2012.  That's the date the Hunger Games movie will be released!  We know, that's a whole year away.  Good thing we're here to distract you with other awesome book and movie news while you wait.

Click on any title to reserve it at your local CCPL library. If a book like Delirium is "on order," put it on hold. You'll be one of the first to get the book when it comes in!

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