Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sarah's Picks: It's Time for Haiku Reviews!

Hey readers! My name is Sarah, and I work in the Young Adult department at the Charleston County Public Library. Some of my favorite things are: the first day in spring when it's warmer outside than inside, my dogs, Wallace and Izzy, and (naturally) a good book.

This month, I thought I’d do a quick-and-dirty series of reviews. Inspired in part by the book There is No Long Distance Now: Very Short Stories by poet Naomi Shihab Nye (on my reading list), National Poetry Month, and the popularity of novels in verse, I am going to limit myself to the 17 syllables of haiku…Oh, and don't forget to click on any of the titles to reserve a copy of the book through our online catalog!

This book with pictures
Tells a deeply sad story--
Keep tissues handy.


Keep those tissues near--
For this sad tale you might need
The entire box.

A wolf-girl romance
With plenty bodice ripping
If you’re into that.

Quirky tween classmates
And paper puppet Yoda
Dispense some wisdom.

Dystopian tale
Where teens must fight to survive.
Oh, it’s a book too?

I laughed! And I cried.
Green, Levithan, and Graysons:
A doffed cap to you.

Boarding school boys cope with death.
My fave book this year.

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