Friday, March 18, 2011

From Tsunamis to Supermoons

Welcome to That Reminds Me of a Book, a regular feature where we link current events and pop-culture happenings with YA books.

 Is the Moon Getting A Bad Rap? 

The Dead & The Gone

Talk about a depressing week. With the tsunami of news from Japan, it's hard to look at the waves off Folly quite the same way. Don't even mention the moon.

Yes, some people think the moon caused it all -- namely, the Supermoon expected on Saturday. Disasters have occurred near past Supermoons. Mere coincidence? Discover Magazine sets us straight. 

Still, at Teen Underground we're in a fiction sort of mind -- so we're busy freaking ourselves out by reading The Last Survivors trilogy. It includes:

1. a seriously messed up moon
2. earthquakes and tsunamis
3. death and destruction
4. a reminder to hug everyone you love (no matter how much they annoy you).

      Check it out:

(The Last Survivors trilogy)

It all starts with a chance to watch a really big meteor smash into the moon. Cool, right? For sophomore Miranda, it means a bunch of last-minute class assignments on the moon.

But the meteor shocks everyone -- it knocks the moon off its proper axis, causing massive worldwide earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions. In the end, Miranda and her family face life with no power, little food, dwindling water, freezing temps, and lots of fear.

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