Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle...Great Big Stars

Hollywood's biggest stars will breathe film life into a few of our favorite books next year. Check out the roster so far (and click on any title to order the books from your local library branch):

Calling Team Jacob! Taylor Lautner will play Finn, a 17-year-old who lives in the savage, futuristic prison world of Catherine Fisher's Incarceron. The question now: Who will play Finn’s romantic interest, Claudia, the warden’s daughter who is doomed to an arranged marriage? (While waiting for details, check out the book's sequel, Sapphique, which has just been released.)

Guess who’s playing our favorite feisty redhead, Clary Fray, in Cassandra Clare's City of Bones movie? Thumbs up for Lily Collins, known for her role in The Blind Side and as the girl playing alongside the aforementioned Taylor Lautner in Abduction.  Now, who's the guts to take on the role of Jace? (Check out the book cover to see how hard this role will be to fill...)

See ya, Hannah! Miley Cyrus is ditching her rhinestones to star in the dark thriller, Wake. She'll play 17-year-old Janie, who's been getting sucked into other people's dreams since she was 8. Needless to say, this has its ups and downs given that some dreams are a whole lotta fun -- and others, not so fun. Janie gets sucked into one especially freaky nightmare and so starts this gripping series. Lisa McMann's sequels, Fade and Gone have been released, too, in case you really want to freak yourself out before the movie is released.

Now, if we can just find out who'll be playing Katniss in the movie version of The Hunger Games (and Peeta and Gale, too), we can get on with life already...

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