Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here's One A-Mazing Story

Photobucket Warning from WICKED: If you read this entire post before you've read The Maze Runner, you'll be cast from the Glade only to endure the Flare and be turned into a pile of clunk. Okay, not really. But you will ruin The Maze Runner's shock-and-awe ending if you read below about The Scorch Trials, the newly released book two in this creepy, violent, action-packed trilogy. Think Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games but with way more boys and some nasty Grievers trying to kill you.

Anyway, The Maze Runner is about this guy, Thomas, who wakes up in a dark box and remembers nothing but his name. The box dumps him in the Glade with a bunch of other teenage boys in the same predicament. They have no clue why they've been sent there -- or how to escape. The Glade is surrounded by mazes that change pattern each night. Sure, the guys are trying to chart the mazes. But get stuck out in one at night, and the Grievers will slice and dice you.

Now, fresh from author James Dashner, comes book two: The Scorch Trials.

Thomas and half of the Gladers escaped the maze only to be sent out into the real world, which makes the Glade look like a cozy kiddie habitat. There's even another group of kids who just made it through a similar maze. These are girls -- and not the friendly sort. Worse, they've got Teresa in their clutches. Scorching heat, mind-gnawing disease, betrayal, and voila! Thomas and crew struggle to survive...again.

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