Monday, February 14, 2011

Say Yes to the Mess

by Lori Aurelia Williams

Maxine Banks is the kind of girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to make it happen, and what she wants right now is to get married. Well, what she REALLY wants is to get out of her mother’s house, and a wedding seems like the best way to do that and be treated like a queen for a day.  She's seventeen, and has seen enough of her mother’s bad boyfriends to know that her man Brian is a keeper. She convinces him that they should get married but their parents object – they’re still in high school, after all – but Maxine knows how to get her way...and tells everyone that she’s pregnant. She’s not. But it works. Maxine Banks gets married.

And then the drama starts. Maxine finds out Brian’s not the man she thought he was when another woman shows up claiming to be pregnant with his baby. Then she gets stuck looking after Brian’s 13-year-old smart-mouthed, trouble-making, pain-in-the-behind cousin, Demonee. Maxine thought marriage would solve all her problems but it’s just created a bunch of new ones.

Luckily, Maxine is smart, funny, and FIERCE. She keeps her wits about her and makes the best of her situation. She’s strong and determined to create a good life for herself and Demonee no matter what challenges she has to face....she just never thought there'd be so many of them. 

If you like books with lots of drama, like the Drama High series by L. Divine or the Denim Diaries series by Darrien Lee, check out Maxine Banks is Getting Married by Lori Aurelia Williams.

And if you like Maxine Banks, don't miss Williams' earlier books, When Kambia Elaine Flew in From Neptune and Shayla's Double Brown Baby Blues, also about urban teens working through modern problems.

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