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What Are Teens Reading This Summer?


What are your fellow teens reading this summer? Dystopias, romance, you name it. Here are recommendations straight from our summer reading contest entries! (Click on any title to put the book on hold at your favorite CCPL branch. Or, click here to search our eBooks.)

By Veronica Roth

Rate it! Excellent (9th grader)

What's it about? Beatrice Prior lives in post-apocalyptic Chicago where people are locked in by a metal fence surrounding the city. On kids' 16th birthdays, they must choose a faction. When you choose a faction, you must remain in that faction or you will become faction-less, homeless, and destitute. The factions are: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent).
(Sequel: Insurgent)

By Marissa Meyer

Rate it! Excellent (8th grader)

What's it about? It is a retelling of Cinderella with a big twist: The girl, Cinder, is a great mechanic and also a cyborg. She lives in China, and when it gets infected with a disease, she is immune—and the only ones immune to the disease are Lunars, who are from the moon.


By Ally Condie

Rate it! Excellent (8th grader)

What's it about? Cassia is searching for Ky; Ky is searching for a way to send a message to Cassia. But when Cassia finds a way to the Outer Provinces, she meets a boy, a boy who knows Ky. A boy who knows where Ky's gone. She and Indie, her newfound friend, go into the Carving, Cassia in search of Ky and Indie in search of the Rising. When they finally meet up, it's not as perfect as they want it to be. (Sequel to Matched.)

The Fault in Our Stars
By John Green

Rate it! Excellent (10th grader)

What's it about? Two teenagers are coping with cancer in their lives when they meet each other, which leads them to realize there is more to live for. (Read CCPL staffer Jennifer's review by clicking here.)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
By Stephen Chbosky

Rate it! Excellent (12th grader)

What's it about? Boy's everyday life, meeting new friends, falling in love, the consequences of drugs, and alcohol and sex.

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
By Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

Rate it! Excellent (9th grader)

What's it about? Dash and Lilly are both slightly odd word lovers. They meet by chance through a red notebook, and they begin writing to each other.

One Night That Changes Everything
By Lauren Barnholdt

Rate it! Excellent (7th grader)

What's it about? The popular boys steal Eliza's diary and humiliate her. She works up strength to get her diary and her ex-boyfriend back too.

Keysha's Drama
By Earl Sewell

Rate it! Excellent (8th grader)

What's it about? This book as about Keysha having to go and live with her father and moving from the hood to an upper-class neighborhood where she tries to fit in.

Rate it! Excellent (7th grader)

What's it about? Carly's back from camp in Tennessee, and nothing's changed from her Atlanta princess life. Except one thing: her sister. She must have fully sprouted, and now all the boys are going crazy over her. But Carly is still her short skinny self, and she just wants to be different.

The Ghost and the Goth
By Stacey Kade

Rate it! Excellent (8th grader)

What's it about? Alona Dare, leader of the popular people, meets her unlikely demise: being hit by the band bus while cutting class. She wakes up and, after attending her own funeral, observes her peers to find that, unlike what she thought, not many people were devastated by her death. After witnessing her best friend kissing her former boyfriend, the day after her funeral. In comes Will Killian, social outcast and freak, who can see, hear, and feel her. They form the most unlikely friendship: the cheerleader and the 'goth'. They both help each other, in more ways than one. They become dependend upon each other, and they don't seem to mind. (Sequel: Queen of the Dead)

By Gabrielle Zevin

Rate it! Excellent (8th grader)

What's it about? A 15-year-old girl dies and finds herself in Elsewhere, so like Earth but yet again so different. You age backward, and when you get to be seven days old you are reborn again. The girl has to learn to live in Elsewhere.

Between Shades of Gray
By Ruta Sepetys

Rate it! Excellent (6th grade)

What's it about? A girl is taken by the Soviets and has to fight to survive during WWII.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
By Ransom Riggs

Rate it! Excellent (7th grader)

What's it about? A boy named Jacob finds these strange children who have special powers.

Rate it! Really good (12th grader)

What's it about? In the future, the U.S. is divided into the Republic on the west coast and the Colonies on the east. Told from two rather different perspectives: Republic soldier and prodigy, June, and the most wanted crimina,l Day. Legend paints a story of a world very different from our own. It was interesting and sort of believable; I liked it quite a lot.

By Cornelia Funke

Rate it! Really good (7th grader)

What's it about? A boy named Jacob tries to save his brother from turning into a Goyle.

Ghost of Spirit Bear
By Ben Mikaelsen

Rate it! Excellent (6th grader)

What's it about? At 15, Cole faces prison for putting a kid’s face in the sidewalk. But instead of prison, he chooses the Native American Circle Justice and stays on a remote island in Alaska. Now he can return homes and has to face the hard life of high school. (Sequel to Touching Spirit Bear.)

By Beth Choat

Rate it! Excellent (7th grader)

What's it about? Flora Dupre's wish has been granted. All her life she wanted to be on a national team, and now she has her chance. She flies to the ISA for two weeks, hoping to make the team, but can she withstand her new coach, Matt? Will she even make the team?

The Chosen One
By Carol Lynch Williams

Rate it! Excellent (8th grader)

What's it about? Kyra lives in a polygamist community and soon realizes that there is a better life out there. She reads books against the rules and falls in love with a boy close to her age, rather than marrying her 60-year-old uncle. 

Thirteen Reasons Why
By Jay Asher

Rate it! Really good (11th grader)

What's it about? The tapes of a girl who has committed suicide are
circulating to those who caused her to commit the act.

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